Aromatherapy Consultations

Do you just have one issue you’d like to try an aromatherapy remedy for?

Consider an Aromatherapy Consultation for common issues like:

Recurring sinus infections Anxiety, Panic attacks

Colds and flu

Headaches Insomnia
Fibromyalgia Allergies and Asthma
Chronic pain Replacing toxic chemicals in your household with safe, pure ingredients

You can expect to benefit from Jean’s extensive knowledge of essential oils and practical advice for your issue

Jean can share testimonials and clinical studies about essential oils that have helped others with your same issues
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Your consultation can be by phone/Skype or in-person

Your consultation will include a custom-made essential oil blend

Contact Jean now for your Aromatherapy Consultation appointment:  


“Since using the essential oil blend you made for me, my blood pressure readings have gone down! Thank you Jean! Have a blessed day.” Donna from Rochester

“Jean made me a special blend for chronic pain. I had completely given up the hope of doing many simple things—opening jar lids, carrying pitchers of water, raking leaves, chopping squash and root vegetables—without pain.  I’ve used the tendonitis blend twice each day (more often in the beginning) for several months now and am noticing a significant decrease in pain along with the ability to tackle tasks I thought were no longer possible. 

Yesterday I had an experience I never thought I would have again: I was able to wash the inside of my car windows!  The task seems a simple one yet with the chronic tendonitis I have had in both of my elbows for many years now, I’ve not been able to work at the angle required to clean the inside of the windshield.

The psychological affect is equally dramatic.  I had begun to feel that there was no hope for my situation and that many things I enjoy doing I would not be able to do again.  And it seemed that more and more of my time was occupied in trying to devise strategies for avoiding movements that caused pain in my elbows.  My observation is that the blend supports exercise, postural changes, and other efforts I am making to address a physical problem caused by 30 years of typing as a professional writer.  Those other efforts alone were not bringing results. Now I feel there is possibility of on-going healing, that I am headed in the right direction.  That lifts my spirits, my sense of overall well-being, more than I can say. (And the smell is delicious!) I can’t thank you enough!”  Metta from Ithaca

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