End-of-Life Consultations

For Caregivers, Families with a Loved One who is Dying and Those who Want to Learn
Practical End-of-Life-Planning:

Do you have a family member facing a terminal illness or end-of-life?

As you care for loved ones are you having difficulty finding your own breath?

Are you having trouble navigating the health care system just wishing for compassion and presence in an advisor?

Do you need spiritual support and direction as you face the reality of a loved one’s impending death?

What about asking the hard questions?

Would you like to have a Holistic Hospice Nurse help guide you through the process?


Jean has found a true calling these past 10 years as a Hospice Nurse in the community (Visiting Nurse Service), in private homes and most currently in a local Home for the Dying. Jean has a deep respect for the transitioning process and is an asset to every team of caregivers. She has a keen sensitivity to the needs of a dying patient, family wishes and relationships.

Benefits of hiring Jean:

  • Jean can help you understand what is happening to your loved one (what stage of disease he/she is in)
  • Jean can facilitate the difficult conversations like “Are we prolonging life or prolonging death?”
  • Jean can ask the tough questions that families don’t like to discuss  (cremation vs. burial, what kind of service your loved one wants after they’re gone, whether he/she would like to participate in planning it, etc.)

What others say about having Jean’s help at the end-of-life transition:

“Dear Jean, Sally and I agreed on this as we got in the car today! And we really mean it. Your honesty, candor, caring, and especially your friendship, were so wonderful today; we both felt much more relaxed after meeting with you for a chat, a couple of tears as well as some laughter. You are really someone special, Jean, and we both greatly appreciate you!   Once again, Jean, you have brought a bright light into our lives with your thoughtfulness, sharing and caring. Many thanks from both of us.  Sending a big hug,” Jen from Rochester


“Jean Oswald was a hospice nurse for my mother as she spent her final few days at home before passing on. Jean’s calm and confident expertise as a nurse for my mother and knowing how to make her comfortable seemed to be second nature to her. She instinctively knew when to reposition her, help her drink or eat, and when to give pain medication. My family and I were greatly comforted knowing that my mother was being made as comfortable as possible during that time. My mother wanted nothing more than to be at home at the end of her life, and having Jean there with us gave our family the confidence we needed to bring her home. I honestly don’t think her last few days at home could have been as calm and special as they were if we didn’t have the excellent care for her that Jean provided.  I would highly recommend Jean”.  Anne from Newburgh, IN

Home visits start at $100 (within 20 mile radius) for two hours

Contact Jean now for an interview before Jean’s Home Visit

Jean – I can’t thank you enough for all you did to help Mom, Dad, and our family, especially over her last weeks and days.  Your knowledge and skill, demeanor, and heart made all the difference.  You advocated for her, and explained and clarified confusing issues for us.  You always knew what to do and provided wonderful care and comfort for Mom, and gently and quietly guided us during our time with her. 

We felt comforted and at peace, just having you present while she transitioned from hospitals to home.   Rather than feeling uncertain and fearful, we were able to focus more on this sacred and very special time with her.  I am most appreciative that Mom passed peacefully. What would we have done without you?  You are so knowledgeable, gentle, caring, and calm.  I can’t thank you enough…. Terri (Jean’s sister)

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