Health & Wellness Consultations

Are you looking for natural ways to support your body?

Do you prefer natural options over pharmaceutical medications?

Have you already tried natural methods but you’re feeling lost and frustrated with results?


If you feel disillusioned with traditional visits to your doctor and want some one-on-one attention to address your health concerns:

You’ve Come to the Right Place

Imagine partnering with someone who:

  • Shows genuine care and concern
  • Understands traditional medicine and speaks the language
  • Listens to what you’re looking for
  • Recognizes the link between emotional stress and dis-ease
  • Knows how to prioritize and set goals
  • Offers you expertise on what a healthy body needs: whole food nutrition, sensible exercise and spiritual practices – all in bite- size pieces

Jean combines 20 years of Nursing skills with Natural Healing modalities to offer you education and coaching in your healing process.




Health & Wellness Consultations

You can expect Jean to:

  • Teach you how to create an internal environment that promotes and supports your healthy body
  • Make suggestions for your diet, nutritional supplements, healing treatments, essential oils and exercise as needed
  • Explain the “Stream of Well-Being” and offer sound support to keep your energy positive
  • Provide ongoing physical, emotional and energetic support to keep you motivated and on track
  • Make you a custom essential oil blend (included in your consultation)


Together You and Jean will:

  • Identify the issues you want help with
  • Review your diet, medications, previous treatments and lifestyle
  • Develop a specific plan to achieve a stronger you
  • Set realistic goals to support your best health

If you’re serious about taking the next step to improve your health and you’re ready for a Holistic Nurse to help you, then schedule a free “Get Acquainted” session with Jean to see how you can get started.




Message from Jean: Your 20 minute “Get Acquainted” Session is FREE! This will help me understand where you are in your journey and together we’ll see if we’re a good fit for each other!  Email me to schedule:



Aromatherapy Consultations

Do you just have one issue you’d like to try an essential oil remedy for?

“Jean, As I was applying my daily dose of essential oils this morning, I was thinking of you, as I do quite often actually.  I am so thankful for what you have shared with me and I am finally feeling the best emotionally, psychologically and physically that I have in about 28 years. I do believe that it is a combination of things that have turned my life around. But Young Living oils and nutritional supplements have me convinced that they are worth the time and money.  Only since I have included them in my daily routine…religiously, I have noticed the impact that they have on how I feel. I have shared some of my knowledge with a co-worker, but expressed to her that she should come to one of your workshops.  I hope she will consider coming in September.  I think your class will offer her a perfect opportunity to sample some oils and hear more information. Thanks Jean!”

Ann from Henrietta 

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